About the Journal



Aims and Scope

The journal SOCIEDADE & NATUREZA, as a vehicle for recording and disseminating science, has the following objectives: publish complementary works of critical review on a topic relevant to Geography and related areas or the result of research of an empirical, experimental or conceptual nature; encourage the exchange of experience in their specialty with other Institutions, national and foreign; defend and respect the principles of pluralism of philosophical, political and scientific ideas. 

The journal Sociedade & Natureza published only articles printed between 1989 and 2004 (p-ISSN 0103-1570). Between 2005 and 2016, articles were published in both printed and electronic formats. From 2017 onwards, articles were published only in electronic format (e-ISSN: 1982-4513).

Access: the Journal is fully OPEN ACCESS and supports the COAR-UNESCO and DORA declarations. There is no charge for submitting or publishing papers


Qualis Capes

Sociedade & Natureza is classified at the highest score for geographical journals according to Qualis - the Brazilian journal evaluation system (you may find information about the journal's Qualis score here).


Publication Frequency

The Journal adopts the continuous publication system. Papers are published as soon as they are approved and edited. This model speeds up the publishing process, reducing the time between submission and online publication of full texts.

Sociedade & Natureza Journal uses the CLOCKSS method of preservation, through the Scielo platform and Redalyc platform, being therefore preserved in all its instantiations of formats and versions.



Revista Sociedade & Natureza has received, since 2014, financial support from CNPq and CAPES for editing activities.


Privacy Statement

Names and addresses informed in this journal will be used solely for the services provided by this publication and are not available for other purposes or to third parties.