Effect of light and sucrose on photoautotrophic and photomixotrophic micropropagation of Physalis angulata


  • Gustavo C Santos Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Felipe P Cardoso Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Adalvan D Martins Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Moacir Pasqual Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Paulo C Ossani Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • José Magno Queiroz Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
  • Renata A L S Rezende Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Joyce Dória Universidade Federal de Lavras




Applied botany, Ecological anatomy, Small fruit crops, Plant tissue culture, Photopigments


The biotechnological interest in genus Physalis has increased in the last decades, however, there are still few micropropagation studies of this genus. The objective of this study was to evaluate P. angulata photoautotrophic and photomixotrophic micropropagation with gas exchange under seven light spectra and five concentrations of sucrose. Lighting were yellow, blue, white, red, green, red + blue LEDs and natural light filtered by mesh. Sucrose concentrations were 0, 7.5, 15, 22.5 and 30 g.L-1. Phytotechnical, anatomical features and photopigment contents were evaluated through stem and root segment length, leaf number, leaf area, chlorophyll a and b contents, carotenoids, adaxial epidermis, palisadic and spongy parenchyma and abaxial epidermis. The data were compared by Scott-Knott's mean test and principal components analysis using the R software. Comparing the variables within lighting types, it was observed that only the screen treatment, screen-filtered natural illumination, obtained assessment in all variables. Comparing the levels of sucrose, it was observed that the treatment 15 g.L-1 sucrose obtained the highest number of averages with maximum evaluation. It was concluded that the natural light filtered by screen with 50% of shading allowed the photoautotrophic micropropagation of P. angulata. Better development results were observed in photomixotrophic micropropagation with 15 g.L-1 of sucrose.



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SANTOS, G.C., CARDOSO, F.P., MARTINS, A.D., PASQUAL, M., OSSANI, P.C., QUEIROZ, J.M.., REZENDE, R.A.L.S. and DÓRIA , J.., 2020. Effect of light and sucrose on photoautotrophic and photomixotrophic micropropagation of Physalis angulata. Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 36, no. 4, pp. 1353–1367. [Accessed22 July 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v36n4a2020-47738. Available from: https://seer.ufu.br/index.php/biosciencejournal/article/view/47738.



Biological Sciences