History about the Journal

The Bioscience Journal (ISSN 1516-3725) is a multidisciplinary publication created in 1998 (v. 14, n. 1, Dec.) to replace and continue the Journal of the Biomedical Sciences Center (Revista do Centro de Ciências Biomédicas) of the Federal University of Uberlândia (ISSN 0102-5996), which has been published since 1985.

This change did not only involve an exchange of names. The creation of the Bioscience Journal represented the use of a new publishing model. The journal went through a significant restructuring process that involved the creation of an exclusive Department, changes in the Editorial Committee, the extension of the Scientific Editorial Board, and format changes. Presenting a completely renewed layout and incorporating new editorial trends, the Bioscience Journal now has a wider reach and is established as one of the main scientific communication vehicles originated at the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU).

The journal was maintained until 2007 by the Publisher of UFU (EDUFU) and it has since been managed directly by the editors, ensuring the regularization of the institutional status of the journal, which was defined with the Statute's approval by the following academic units: School of Veterinary Medicine, Institute of Agronomy, Institute of Biology, Institute of Genetics and Biochemistry, and School of Dentistry.

As the print edition was closed (ISSN 1516-3725), from the first number of 2007 - v.23, n.1 - the Bioscience Journal (ISSN 1981-3163) started to publish only the online version, quarterly.  Thus, the entire editorial process became electronic, including the submission of articles for assessment. Therefore, it was expected to gain more agility in the publishing process and ensure the maintenance of frequency of the journal, considering it uses the OJS - Open Journal System as the managing platform.

In January of 2021, the journal started using the continuous publication modality, that is, one single yearly volume with the same number of articles, but with a faster publication flow. It is expected that this new change allows indexing the journal in the SciELO database, among other new databases of interest of the Multidisciplinary field.