Growth of aphanothece microscopica nägeli on exogenous sugars


  • Reinaldo Gaspar Bastos Universidade Federal de São Carlos
  • Paola Rizzo de Paiva Universidade Federal de São Carlos
  • Maurício Rigo Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste
  • Graziela Veiga Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste
  • Maria Isabel Queiroz Universidade Federal do Rio Grande


Biological processes for wastewater treatment generally produce a lot of biomass or active sludge without reuse. In this context, incorporation of organic matter and nutrients from agro industrial effluents into cell mass for single-cell protein allowed application of sustainable process. Cyanobacteria could be used due to its versatile metabolism. So, the aim of this paper was evaluate the growth of cyanobacteria Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli growth on heterotrophic medium with glucose, lactose and sucrose. Growth curves indicated that cultivation of cyanobaterial on the dark depend the type of carbon source and there are different mechanisms for glucose, fructose and sucrose consumption. Results suggest a useful application of cyanobacteria on organic matter removal from wastewater.


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BASTOS, R.G., DE PAIVA, P.R., RIGO, M., VEIGA, G. and QUEIROZ, M.I., 2011. Growth of aphanothece microscopica nägeli on exogenous sugars . Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 156–161. [Accessed8 December 2023]. Available from:



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