Natural dentifrices: how can prolonged toothbrushing influence enamel color and surface roughness?




Dentifrices, Natural products, Oral health, Toothbrushing, Toothpaste, Whitening.


This study evaluated the color change (ΔE00) and surface roughness (Ra) of enamel submitted to prolonged toothbrushing with natural non-fluoride dentifrices. Five groups of bovine teeth (n=10) were brushed with a control dentifrice: (C) Colgate Total 12 – Colgate; and four natural dentifrices: (R) Restore – Jeunesse; (OG) OnGuard – doTerra; (OC) OzonCare – Philozon; and (N) Natural activated charcoal – Suavetex. Mechanical toothbrushing simulated one month (T1), six months (T2), one year (T3), and two years (T4) of product use. ΔE00 and Ra were measured before and after toothbrushing. Two-way repeated measures ANOVA and Tukey's test were performed. Dentifrice (p<0.001), toothbrushing time (p=0.004), and their interaction (p=0.031) influenced color change (ΔE00). Natural dentifrices promoted similar color change and Ra to the traditional product. After six months of simulated toothbrushing, OG promoted more color changes than N and R. Only OG and R reached ΔE00 above the acceptability threshold. OC and N dentifrices generated Ra above the limit of clinical roughness from T2. Toothbrushing with natural toothpaste for up to two years causes similar enamel color changes and roughness to the traditional product.


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