Synthesis and antifungal activity of new O-alkylamidoximes




Antifungal, Candida, O-alkylation, O-alkylamidoximes.


The continuous prospection for molecules that may be useful in the development of new therapeutic agents is a highly relevant issue, mainly because the launch of new drugs on the market does not accompany the emergence of new resistant microorganisms. In this context, this work describes the synthesis of new O-alkylamidoximes and the evaluation of its antifungal activity. The new O-alkylamidoximes were prepared using easy synthetic protocols and tested against three Candida species using the broth microdilution method. The synthesized compounds were obtained in moderate to good yields in high purity and without any observable decomposition. All tested compounds shown moderate antifungal activity against at least one strain of Candida. Despite the moderate activity of the new compounds, this was the first report involving the antifungal activity of O-alkylamidoximes. In view of the low chemotherapy arsenal and the development of fungal strains resistant to traditional antifungal agents, the present study opens new possibilities for the preparation of a new class of more active antifungal agents.


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