Mycelial biomass cultivation of Lentinus crinitus


  • Itaruã Machri Colla Universidade Paranaense
  • Olavo Bilac Quaresma de Oliveira Filho Universidade Paranaense
  • Janyeli Dorini Silva de Freitas Universidade Paranaense
  • Míria Benetati Delgado Bertéli Universidade Paranaense
  • Giani Andrea Linde Universidade Paranaense
  • Juliana Silveira do Valle Universidade Paranaense
  • Nelson Barros Colauto Universidade Paranaense



Axenic cultivation., Soybean., Urea., Mycelial biomass growth., Cultivation condition.


Lentinus crinitus is a medicinal basidiomycete, little studied regarding the basic cultivation conditions, which is used in bioremediation and consumed by native Indians from the Brazilian Amazon. Also, it produces a fungal secondary metabolite panepoxydone that has been described as an essential regulator of the inflammatory and immune response. This study aimed to evaluate basic conditions of temperature, pH, and nitrogen concentration and source in the cultivation of L. crinitus mycelial biomass. In order to evaluate fungal growth temperature, 2% malt extract agar (MEA) medium, pH 5.5, was utilized from 19 to 40 °C. For pH, MEA had pH adjusted from 2 to 11 and cultivated at 28 °C. Urea or soybean meal was added to MEA to obtain final concentration from 0.5 and 16 g/L of nitrogen, pH of 5.5, cultivated at 28 °C. The best temperature growth varies from 31 to 34 ºC and the optimal one is 32.7º C, and the best pH ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 and the optimal one is 6.1. Protein or non-protein nitrogen concentration is inversely proportional to the mycelial biomass growth. Nitrogen concentrations of 2.0 g/L soybean meal and urea inhibit mycelial biomass growth in 11% and 12%, respectively, but high concentrations of 16.0 g/L nitrogen inhibit the growth in 46% and 95%, respectively. The fungus is robust and grows under extreme conditions of temperature and pH, but smaller adaptation with increasing nitrogen concentrations in the cultivation medium, mainly non-protein nitrogen.


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COLLA, I.M.., OLIVEIRA FILHO, O.B.Q. de, FREITAS, J.D.S. de ., BERTÉLI, M.B.D.., LINDE, G.A., VALLE, J.S. do . and COLAUTO, N.B.., 2020. Mycelial biomass cultivation of Lentinus crinitus. Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 36, no. 6, pp. 2238–2246. [Accessed25 February 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v36n6a2020-51183. Available from:



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