Lentinus crinitus response to blue light on carbohydrate-active enzymes


  • Renan Alberto Marim Universidade Paranaense
  • Katielle Vieira Avelino Universidade Paranaense
  • Marisangela Isabel Wietzikoski Halabura Universidade Paranaense
  • Nelma Lopes Araújo Universidade Paranaense
  • Thiago Teodoro Santana Universidade Paranaense
  • Giani Andrea Linde Universidade Paranaense
  • Nelson Barros Colauto Universidade Paranaense
  • Juliana Silveira do Valle Universidade Paranaense




Cellulase., Hemicellulase., Lentinus crinitus., Polygalacturonase., Visible light wavelengths, White-rot fungi.


Fungi are capable of sensing light from ultraviolet to far-red and they use light as a source of information about the environment anticipating stress and adverse conditions. Lentinus crinitus is a lignin-degrading fungus which produces laccase and other enzymes of biotechnological interest. The effect of blue light on fungal enzymatic activity has been studied; however, it has not been found studies on the effect of the blue light on carbohydrate-active enzymes and on mycelial biomass production of L. crinitus. We aimed to investigate carbohydrate-active enzymes activity and mycelial biomass production of L. crinitus cultivated under continuous illumination with blue light. L. crinitus was cultivated in malt extract medium in the dark, without agitation, and under continuous illumination with blue light-emitting diodes. The blue light reduced the total cellulase, pectinase and xylanase activities but increased the endoglucanase activity. Blue light reduced the mycelial growth of L. crinitus in 26% and the enzymatic activity-to-mycelial biomass ratio (U mg-1 dry basis) increased in 10% total cellulase, 33% endoglucanase, and 16% pectinase activities. Also, it is suggested that L. crinitus has a photosensory system and it could lead to new process of obtaining enzymes of biotechnological interest.


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ALBERTO MARIM, R., VIEIRA AVELINO, K., WIETZIKOSKI HALABURA, M.I., LOPES ARAÚJO, N., TEODORO SANTANA, T., LINDE, G.A., BARROS COLAUTO, N. and SILVEIRA DO VALLE, J., 2020. Lentinus crinitus response to blue light on carbohydrate-active enzymes. Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 36, no. 3, pp. 924–931. [Accessed17 April 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v36n3a2020-49986. Available from: https://seer.ufu.br/index.php/biosciencejournal/article/view/49986.



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