Sensory acceptance and physico-chemical composition of mixed minas frescal cheese


  • Bruna Samara dos Santos Rekowsky Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Géssica Cordeiro de Araújo Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Nelson de Carvalho Delfino Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Marion Pereira da Costa Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Thadeu Mariniello Silva Universidade Federal da Bahia



Bovine milk., Buffalo milk., Fresh cheese., Dairy product.


Buffalo milk presents higher proteins and lipids concentration than cow milk, which provides a better yield in cheese-making production and products with considerable sensory approval. However, buffalo milk is not regularly available throughout the year due to different handling conditions. Thus, to guarantee the supply of buffalo milk dairy products during the year, the addition of bovine milk is an alternative. Therefore, this study aimed to test the effect of a buffalo and bovine milk mixture for the Minas Frescal cheese elaboration by physico-chemical, sensory analysis and obtaining yield. The raw material was analysed for the parameters of acidity, density, fat, total solids and solid-not-fat. There were 3 Minas Frescal cheeses elaborated from 3 formulations: 100% buffalo milk, 100% bovine milk and the mixture of 50% of each milk. The cheeses were submitted to the Gravimetric and Gerber methods to obtain values of moisture and fat, as well as to obtain, indirectly, fat in dry matter. For bovine and buffalo milk, the parameters evaluated (acidity, density, fat, total solids and solids-not-fat) complied with Brazilian legislation and parameters described in the literature. For the bovine, mixed and buffalo fresh cheeses, values were obtained, respectively, for moisture (74.04, 60.93 and 63.61), fat in dry matter (44.35, 42.23 and 46.03) and cheese yield (27, 20.8 and 24.2), indicating a higher yield for the bovine Minas Frescal cheese and higher fat content for the buffalo cheese. The overall acceptance of the mixed Minas Frescal cheese was significantly superior to the bovine and buffalo cheese. The parameters of colour, appearance, texture, flavour and overall acceptance were above 8 points in the hedonic scale (‘moderately liked’ to ‘extremely liked’), and the aroma attribute scored was above 7 (‘I enjoyed regularly’ to ‘moderately liked’). Therefore, the elaboration of Minas Frescal cheese from the mixture of 2 matrices (buffalo and bovine milk) demonstrated technological viability with the potential to meet the demands of the consumer market.


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REKOWSKY, B.S. dos S., ARAÚJO, G.C. de, DELFINO, N. de C., COSTA, M.P. da and SILVA, T.M., 2020. Sensory acceptance and physico-chemical composition of mixed minas frescal cheese. Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 36, no. 6, pp. 2196–2203. [Accessed12 June 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v36n6a2020-48217. Available from:



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