Production fields and physiological quality of Panicum maximum jacq. cv. mombasa seeds


  • José de Oliveira Cruz Universidade de Brasília
  • Cibele Chalita Martins Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho
  • Tatiane Sanches Jeromini Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho
  • Givanildo Zildo da Silva Universidade Federal de Jataí



Multivariate analysis., Climatic conditions., Forage grass., Cumulative precipitation., Vigor.


The physiological quality of seeds is influenced by the climatic factors of production fields. The identification of the best conditions of P. maximum cv. Mombasa production fields allows the improvement of the seed sector. The aim of this work was to identify which climatic conditions of production fields can affect the physiological quality of P. maximum cv. Mombasa seeds. Nineteen plots from states of São Paulo (six from municipalities of Auriflama and three from Guzolândia) and Goiás (eight from Quirinópolis and two from Serranópolis), were collected by soil sweeping. The following parameters were evaluated: water content, germination rate, first germination count and germination rate index, seedling emergence in sand and field. Completely randomized design was used for all variables, with the exception of seedling emergence in field, since this variable required block design. Means were compared by the Scott-Knott test, at 5% probability. For the identification of the influence of climatic conditions on the physiological quality of seeds, multivariate statistical analysis was applied through Group and Principal Component Analysis. Production fields of Panicum maximum cv. Mombasa seeds presenting maximum temperatures above 32 ºC at flowering and natural fall stages produce seeds of low physiological quality. Production fields in which precipitation and high temperatures occur during natural fall and harvest of P. maximum cv. Mombasa seeds are not favorable to the production of seeds with high physiological quality.


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CRUZ, J. de O., MARTINS, C.C., JEROMINI, T.S. and SILVA, G.Z. da ., 2020. Production fields and physiological quality of Panicum maximum jacq. cv. mombasa seeds. Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 36, no. 6, pp. 2050–2059. [Accessed29 February 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v36n6a2020-48173. Available from:



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