Growth and physiology of Annona squamosa L. under different irrigation depths and phosphate fertilization


  • Rômulo Carantino Lucena Moreira Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
  • Marcos Eric Barbosa Brito Universidade Federal de Sergipe
  • Pedro Dantas Fernandes Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
  • Francisco Vanies da Silva Sá Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Árido
  • Luderlândio de Andrade Silva Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
  • Carlos Jardel Andrade Oliveira Universidade Federal da Paraíba
  • Luana Lucas de Sá Almeida Veloso Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
  • Thaís Batista de Queiroga Universidade Federal Federal de Campina Grande



Annonaceae, Water availability, Gas exchanges, Soil fertility


This study aimed to evaluate the growth and physiology of Annona squamosa seedlings under increasing irrigation depths and phosphorus doses. The experiment was conducted in protected environment, evaluating five irrigation depths and four P2O5- doses, arranged in 5 x 4 factorial scheme, in randomized blocks, with four replicates and one plant per plot. Treatments were irrigation depths of 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140% of the real evapotranspiration of the seedlings – ETr and phosphorus doses of 0, 350, 700 and 1050 mg dm-3 of P2O5-. Plants were evaluated at 120 days after transplanting with respect to growth, gas exchanges, leaf water potential and total dry matter accumulation. Phosphorus dose of 350 mg dm-3 promotes satisfactory dry matter accumulation for A. squamosa seedlings, especially under 100% ETr irrigation. Leaf water potential and gas exchanges of A. squamosa are affected by water stress, through both lack and excess of water. Stomatal conductance is the variable most sensitive to the lack of water, whereas photosynthesis and water use efficiency are the most sensitive to the excess of water. Irrigation depth of 100% ETr is ideal to produce A. squamosa seedlings, but the irrigation depth of 80% ETr can be used to produce these seedlings, disregarding small losses of growth.


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MOREIRA, R.C.L., BRITO, M.E.B., FERNANDES, P.D., SÁ, F.V. da S., SILVA, L. de A., OLIVEIRA, C.J.A., VELOSO, L.L. de S.A. and DE QUEIROGA, T.B., 2019. Growth and physiology of Annona squamosa L. under different irrigation depths and phosphate fertilization. Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 35, no. 2, pp. 389–397. [Accessed22 July 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v35n2a20198-41931. Available from:



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