Modified walking suture technique in rhytidectomy in a Shar-Pei dog


  • Cristiane dos Santos Honsho Universidade de Franca
  • Daniel Kan Honsho Universidade de Franca
  • Fernanda Gosuen Gonçalves Dias Universidade de Franca
  • Orlando Marcelo Mariani Universidade de Franca
  • Lucas Alves Ramon Universidade de Franca
  • Nicole Alessandra Luizari Stábile Universidade de Franca
  • Natacha Alves Alexandre Universidade de Franca
  • Adriana Torrecilhas Jorge Universidade de Franca



Entropion, Ophthalmology, Reconstructive Surgery


Excessive facial skin folds is observed in several breeds of dogs and the weight exerted on the eyelids accents or promotes entropion, trichiasis and ptosis. Thus, this study reported a case of the 8-months-old male Shar-pei weighting 21.5kg was presented with an obstructed visual axis, eye discharge, fetid odor in facial folds around the jaw and the neck. It was indicated the surgical resection of the folds and correction of the upper and lower entropion. In this case, the association of Hotz-Celsus technique with rhytidectomy shaped in semiarchs, using the anchoring points with the modified walking suture, was effective in correcting the entropion and unblocking the visual axis with minimal scarring and preservation of the breed standard in 12 months follow up after surgery.


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DOS SANTOS HONSHO, C., HONSHO, D.K., GOSUEN GONÇALVES DIAS, F., MARIANI, O.M., ALVES RAMON, L., LUIZARI STÁBILE, N.A., ALVES ALEXANDRE, N. and TORRECILHAS JORGE, A., 2019. Modified walking suture technique in rhytidectomy in a Shar-Pei dog. Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 35, no. 5, pp. 1539–1543. [Accessed16 April 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v35n5a2019-39496. Available from:



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