Measurement of psycho-emotional constructs and self-management in health of patients with cancer


  • Elisângela Muniz de Souza Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
  • Ana Dalla Santana Lima Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
  • Omar Pereira de Almeida-Neto Universidade de Goiás
  • Fernanda Souza e Silva Garcia Universidade de São Paulo
  • Cristiane Martins Cunha Universidade Federal de Uberlândia



Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Cancer, Self-Care


The present study aimed measure self-esteem, anxiety and depression and activation scores in individuals with cancer; compare these scores according to whether or not chemotherapy was performed and verify the influence of these constructs in the self-management in health. This study is a Cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach, performed at the outpatient clinic of a school hospital. The instrument was answered by adult patients, diagnosed with cancer for at least 6 months and in outpatient follow-up. We used the Pearson correlation test and the Student t test in order to evaluate the variables of interest. The level of significance was 0.05. Seventy patients participated in the study; forty six of them were women. The average age was 50.17 years (SD = 11.26) and the average of the education level in years was 8.27 (SD = 3.73). The most prevalent cancer was the breast cancer. The average score obtained by the instruments were: 32.71 (SD = 4.64) for self-esteem; 6.07 (SD = 3.84) for anxiety; 4.90 (SD = 3.76) for depression and 64.24 (SD = 15.21) for activation. We observed weak correlations of these constructs with activation (p <0.05) and that the use of chemotherapy did not interfere with the score of these measures (p> 0.05). The education level presented a weak correlation with the measure of activation (r = 0.240, p <0.05), and comorbidities presented weak correlation with the measure of self-esteem (r = -0.274, p <0.05). In conclusion, the cancer patients presented high self-esteem, low anxiety and depression symptoms and high activation. There is a weak relationship between measures evaluated and the self-management in health.


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SOUZA, E.M. de, LIMA, A.D.S., ALMEIDA-NETO, O.P. de, GARCIA, F.S. e S. and CUNHA, C.M., 2018. Measurement of psycho-emotional constructs and self-management in health of patients with cancer . Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 423–434. [Accessed17 April 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v34n2a2018-39074. Available from:



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