Pattern analysis of multi-environment trials in common bean genotypes


  • Agenor Martinho Correa Universidade Estadual de Mato Grosso do Sul
  • Manoel Carlos Gonçalves Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados
  • Paulo Eduardo Teodoro Universidade Federal de Viçosa



Phaseolus vulgaris L., cluster analysis, genotypes x environments interaction, principal components analysis.


The aim of this study was to use the patterns analysis technique to investigate the grain yield of 13 common bean genotypes evaluated in 12 environments in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, under presence of genotype x environment interaction (G x E). The trials were conducted between the years 2000-2006 at Universidade Estadual de Mato Grosso do Sul, Unit of Aquidauana, and at Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias da Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados. Have been identified nine groups of genotypes and environments. It were submitted the grain yield data to individual and joint variance analysis. Subsequently, it was performed the pattern analysis, which was made the cluster of genotypes and environments with similar patterns and its means grouping by Scott-Knott's test. The first two principal components of ordination analysis explained 56.6% of the total variation of G x E interaction data. Pattern analysis proved to be efficient in identifying groups of environments that discriminate similarly genotypes, genotypes with similar performance in all environments, and in the description of the genotypes stability patterns. 


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CORREA, A.M., GONÇALVES, M.C. and TEODORO, P.E., 2016. Pattern analysis of multi-environment trials in common bean genotypes . Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 328–336. [Accessed23 February 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v32n2a2016-29572. Available from:



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