Agronomic efficiency and grain quality of upland rice cultivars as a function of nitrogen topdressing


  • Fábio Luíz Checchio Mingotte Universidade Estadual Paulista
  • Maryna Helena Garcia Gonçalves Universidade Estadual Paulista
  • Marcela Midori Yada Universidade Estadual Paulista
  • Domingos Fornasieri Filho Universidade Estadual Paulista
  • Leandro Borges Lemos Universidade Estadual Paulista



Oryza sativa, Sprinkler irrigation, Yield components, Nutritional quality and technology


This study aimed to evaluate the agronomic efficiency and grain quality of rice cultivars to nitrogen application in upland conditions with supplemental sprinkler irrigation. The experiment was carried out in 2012/13 at Jaboticabal-SP on a randomized block and split plots design with four replications. The plots were composed of twelve rice cultivars (BRS Aroma, BRS Monarca, BRS Primavera, BRS Sertaneja, BRSMG Curinga, Caiapó, CIRAD 141, Guarani, IAC 165, IAC 201, IAC 202, and IAC 25), and two levels of nitrogen application (0 and 100 kg N ha-1) in topdress at the R1 stage (panicle differentiation) as subplots. The N application intensifies the degree of lodging, mainly at Caiapó, Guarani, IAC 165, IAC 201 and IAC 25 cultivars. The N application affects the number of sterile spikelets per panicle, mainly in CIRAD 141, BRS Sertaneja, IAC 202, and BRS Aroma cultivars. Caiapó cultivar shows higher grain yield and agronomic efficiency in function of N application, followed by BRS Monarca, BRSMG Curinga, IAC 165, and IAC 202. Although Caiapó, CIRAD 141, Guarani, IAC 165, IAC 202, and IAC 25 cultivars present better results, all the others cultivars also present acceptable values of milling yield, without N application effects. The grain protein content in rice is increased by the N topdressing application.


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Author Biography

Fábio Luíz Checchio Mingotte, Universidade Estadual Paulista

Doutorando em Agronomia (Produção Vegetal), UNESP/FCAV, Campus de Jaboticabal-SP. Bolsista FAPESP.




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MINGOTTE, F.L.C., GONÇALVES, M.H.G., YADA, M.M., FORNASIERI FILHO, D. and LEMOS, L.B., 2015. Agronomic efficiency and grain quality of upland rice cultivars as a function of nitrogen topdressing . Bioscience Journal [online], vol. 31, no. 3, pp. 748–758. [Accessed13 April 2024]. DOI 10.14393/BJ-v31n1a2015-26074. Available from:



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