Analgesic effect of music therapy during the postoperative period in bitches undergoing ovariohysterectomy


  • Leandro Pacheco
  • Vitória Marcante Unimater
  • Isadora Rodrigues Unimater
  • Karine de Oliveira Marques Pacheco



This study aimed to evaluate the effects of music therapy on the postoperative pain of bitches undergoing elective ovariohysterectomy (OVH). Eighteen bitches were randomly distributed into two groups (Music therapy group and Control group). The animals of both groups received pre-anesthetic medication (PAM), administration of meloxican, antibiotic therapy, and were anesthetized, and subjected to OVH. Animals from the Music therapy group received ambient music of classical, reggae, soft rock, and relaxation and meditation style through a sound box for 7 hours in the anesthetic and surgical recovery room. The animals of the Control group did not receive any music during the postoperative period. All animals in the experiment were evaluated for pain before PAM (M0); and 3 (M3), 5 (M5), 8 (M8), 12 (M12) and 24 hours (M24) after PAM. The Music therapy group scored significantly lower than the Control group at M8, M12 and M24. Music therapy had an analgesic effect during the postoperative period in bitches sudmitted to OVH.


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Pacheco, Leandro, Vitória Marcante, Isadora Rodrigues, and Karine de Oliveira Marques Pacheco. 2023. “Analgesic Effect of Music Therapy During the Postoperative Period in Bitches Undergoing Ovariohysterectomy”. Veterinária Notícias 29 (1). Uberlândia, Brazil.