USE OF PROSTHESIS IN A CAPARACE FRACTURE OF Chelonoidis carbonarius (Testudines: Testudinidae)




 Testudines are members of
the Reptilia class, they are ectothermic and
differ from other reptiles by the presence of
the shell, which covers most of their bodies.
Shell fractures are common in these animals
and can occur due to several factors, mainly
trauma. This paper aims to report the use
of prosthesis in a red-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonarius). An adult female weighing 2.45 kg was sent to the Wild Animal
Sector of Veterinary Hospital of University
of Brasilia. The specimen presented carapace fracture caused by compress of garbage truck. Even after healing the lesion, there was persistent communication between
the coelomic cavity and the environment,
which caused recurrent pneumonia. After
stabilization of the patient and treatment
of infections, an adhesive cover was placed
to isolate the coelomic cavity, which was
changed periodically. Moreover, it was decided to make a prosthesis with acrylic resin, since it was not feasible to perform the repair by conventional methods. The method
was satisfactory in the sealing of the carapace and the animal was monitored for a
month without showing signs of pneumonia
or any other complications.


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Vieira da Costa, D. E., Cerqueira de Paula Tessari, H. C., de Lima Borges Leão, C., & Queiroz Luz Hirano, L. (2022). USE OF PROSTHESIS IN A CAPARACE FRACTURE OF Chelonoidis carbonarius (Testudines: Testudinidae). Veterinária Notícias, 28(1).



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