Macaúba pulp cake on diet of late-lactation goats


  • Erica Beatriz Schultz Universidade Federal de Viçosa
  • Samuel de Melo Goulart Universidade Federal de Viçosa
  • Ingrid Soares Garcia
  • Rafael Marzall do Amaral Earth University
  • Jose Antonio Saraiva Grossi Universidade Federal de Viçosa



In order to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of including macaúba pulp cake on the diet of goats in the final third of lactation, 16 adult animals were separated into two collective pens containing eight animals each, one of them receiving concentrate containing 41,2 macaúba cake. The addition of macaúba pulp cake to the concentrate reduced the consumption of roughage without affecting the performance of the animals. Likewise, the protein, fat, lactose and total solids content in the milk were not affected. The feed cost was reduced with the inclusion of the cake in the diet. The inclusion of the macaúba pulp cake to the diet of goats in the final third of lactation is technically and economically feasible for the inclusion level evaluated.


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Schultz, Erica Beatriz, Samuel de Melo Goulart, Ingrid Soares Garcia, Rafael Marzall do Amaral, and Jose Antonio Saraiva Grossi. 2019. “Macaúba Pulp Cake on Diet of Late-Lactation Goats”. Veterinária Notícias 25 (1). Uberlândia, Brazil.