Education and training in GMOs biosafety and risk analysis: experience of post-graduation program in Agricultural Sciences


  • Valeria Carpentieri-Pipolo
  • Giuliano Degrassi


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), GM crops, risk assessment, risk management, capacity building


Biotechnology is one the most propulsive areas of science and the application of this technology is reality in Brazil. Education in Biotechnology and GMO biosafety has been discussed in some segments of the society and international organizations have encouraged nations to invest in this strategic area. In this context, the exploration of a rich content on prevention, standards and ethical principles serves as a guide to the paths tracked by biotechnology. The possible addition of Biosafety of GMOs in Agronomy Post-graduation programs curricula will give to the students of agronomy and correlated scientific areas the competence to be in charge for taking decision on how to manage the new technology. This is necessary for maximizing the benefits keeping the risks below a level of tolerance. Based on those premises we propose a comprehensive technical note of the appropriate strategies, actions and outlines to guide educators of post graduation program in risk assessment and management of GM crops courses. Future development curricula should provide students with tools for an in-depth understanding of important core components of biosafety and risk analysis of GMOs needed for the job market.


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Technical Note